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Looking at my feed this evening and it would seem there are A LOT of happy small businesses gearing up to reopen their doors in the next few weeks.

Are we getting back to normality? Sort of. It may be a rocky road, but we WILL get there and build our businesses up again.

Things will be different for both those running their businesses and those using businesses.

What measures do you have in place to communicate the changes to clients and customers?

Have you researched into their expectations, as well as following government guidelines?

Think about how you will be promoting your businesses and what your clients or customers may expect. Tell stories about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it on social, email and more.

Build trust and loyalty and you’ll smash it!

And of course, if you need to add a booking system to your site or need help collecting data/promoting your messages, drop me a line. I can advise/recommend as well as help you implement changes.

Get in touch to book your consultation with Clare.

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