Five Places to Find Content Marketing Ideas

Managing a business blog may seem like a simple case of having an idea and getting it onto the page, but the inspiration to write is often hard to come by. Unless you have a concrete brief on exactly what you need to write about, it can be tricky coming up with fresh ideas, especially if you post on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve put together a list of five places which are often a rich source of inspiration for your small business blog content:


Reddit, if you’re unfamiliar, calls itself “the front page of the internet” and is basically a massive network of linked forums where people can share content, ask questions, and generally chat about just about any topic you can think of. Search for ‘subreddits’ in your niche, which are topic-specific boards, or just look for keywords related to your business and you’re bound to find a goldmine of ideas.

Other Blogs

While we don’t suggest you copy other people’s content, reading blogs of other people in your niche could inspire you to come up with similar ideas of your own. There’s OODLES of content out there, and it’s all potential inspiration for your own blog. If you wanted to be generous, you could even link to other small business with a presence of their own in the hope that they promote your content in return.


Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all allow you to search for hashtags, so search for keywords which are relevant to your business and it could lead you through to other content which inspires you in some way. Follow the hashtags and look for popular articles, buzzwords, and questions.

National Day Calendar

The “big” holidays throughout the year (Christmas, Halloween, New Year, etc) are all great for inspiring content ideas, but what about the lesser known ‘days’? The National Day Calendar is a comprehensive list of all of the national days that happen each year and making a note of all of the ones which are relevant to your business on your content planner could give you a lot of mileage for your blog posts.

Customer Comments

Writing content which comes directly from a customer comment is a really good way to create something which your clients will find engaging. Read customer comments, complaints, Facebook posts and messages and you’re sure to find something which you’d be able to elaborate upon for a blog post. If you don’t have anything to write about, why not ask? Stick a post on your business social media accounts asking what your clients want to read about.

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