How to Give Your Business Blog Personality

There’s a really fine line, when it comes to blogging for your business, between being professional and being drier than the Sahara. Equally, if your business blog is too personal, it’s likely that people won’t even realise you’re blogging for a business. It is possible, however, to find a middle ground between the two scenarios, giving your business blog personality without going over the top, and we’ve got five tips to help:

Think About Your Customers

Your customers, both current and prospective, are the people you’re writing for, so try to think about them and what they like while creating content. Think about the average demographic of your clients (their age, gender, economic group) and this should help you to cater for their tastes. Tailor your language and references to the group your writing for as this will help to make your content feel like it’s more personal to the reader.

Don’t Think About Selling

If you make your posts all about selling your products or services, your customers will be able to tell from a mile off. Blog posts should give some added value to the person reading and if you make it an obvious shill, it’s likely to turn people off. Targeted hyperlinked words throughout a post work well (and have added SEO benefits) and content which subtly encourages customers to look at your products without directly mentioning them is even better.

Be Yourself

If you’re known to your customers, they’re likely to know how you speak and present yourself in ‘real life’. Try to let this come through in your posts as there’s a good chance that your customers come to you because they like who you are as a person. We aren’t suggesting that you use colloquial language or swearing in your posts, but if you make them too formal, your personality might get lost.

Tell Stories

If you’re selling a product or service with a story behind it, tell that story to your customers. People buying your wares are likely to love hearing about how it was conceived of, especially if there’s a funny or sweet anecdote in there. It will not only give you something great to write about, it will also make your products more memorable, if people have a story to attach to it.

Plan, Plan, Plan

One thing that we strongly suggest to all of our clients who blog for business is to have a plan. Buy yourself a diary or wall planner, add all of the holidays and dates which are relevant to your business, decide how often you want to blog and build your blogging planner. Not only will this help you to create relevant content at the right times, it makes it seem more like there’s a real person behind the blog, rather than a faceless copywriter. If you’re excited about Christmas, write about it. If you have a product which is relevant to Easter, Dia De Los Muertos or any other date throughout the year, this is your change to write about it!

Need some inspiration for your blogs? Our Ideal Client Worksheet will help you identify who you’re talking to and how to approach them with a marketing calendar.