Ideal Client Online Course


This course will teach you how to build your ideal client profiles, create a marketing plan to attract them and use that marketing plan to go out and find and then convert the people you want to be your customers into your most loyal followers and purchasers.

As is the case with any Blue Cactus Digital courses, you can take the course in your own time. It may take you a week, it may take you five weeks or five months. It doesn’t matter.

The most important thing is that you end the time knowing WHO to approach, HOW to approach them and how to CONVERT them.

This course applies more than ten yearsโ€™ worth of experience, helping both big and small businesses create a more targeted marketing plan to attract their ideal clients.

It’s based upon the principles of attraction marketing, which follows the rules of attracting clients with information to build their trust, provide value and then get them interested enough to buy from you over your competitors.

Attraction marketing is a low-cost way of selling because the overheads are relatively low. You may need to invest time and effort, but not cold, hard cash. It’s adaptable, because communicating, whether via email, via a website or social media, is unlikely to be phased out in the same way other marketing methods are.

// our VALUES

We believe that transparency, openness and mutual respect is key in all relationships. We focus on being as excited about your brand as you are and we will report on what’s worked and what hasn’t. We don’t play the blame game and will always be analytical in our approach. We’ll celebrate successes together and come up with ideas to bring the mood up when you’re needing a bit of motivation to jump to the next level.