Series 1, Episode 11: Sarah Jordan, Y.O.U Underwear

1502 Y.O.U podcast

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This is such an inspiring start-up story and a brilliant example of how the mission and story behind the brand can be is the biggest asset in its marketing message.

Sarah admits she never planned on being an entrepreneur but a trip to Uganda coupled with a broken leg helped forge her current journey.

Intrigued? We learned so much from Sarah in the episode, not just about socio-economic injustice in Uganda and India but also about supply chains in the fast fashion industry and the lack of accountability we should all be aware of.

Listen to this episode to be uplifted and hear about:

🌡 How this brand came about – serendipity springs to mind!

🌡 How to source suppliers

🌡 What people don’t tell you about crowdfunding

🌡 What access to underwear means to women in developing countries

🌡 How having a clear mission and adapting to unexpected curveballs can make or break your business.

After hearing how far this fledgling brand has come in the last 12 months, we are not surprised why it is trailblazing in the underwear sector.