Series 1, Episode 7: Claudia from Circla

1721 Circla

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This week’s episode of Bloom by Blue Cactus is with Claudia Gwinnutt, Founder ofΒ Circla, ‘the milkman reimagined for beauty’.

What an inspirational chat! Taking the hassle of refilling your beauty products away and delivering everything to your door.

Convenience + sustainability, our favourite combo!

From corporate life to following her calling to set something up of her own, tune in to hear:

🌡 Why Claudia decided to leave corporate life behind and the planning that went into making it financially viable to walk away

🌡 What lucky funding break Claudia received early on

🌡 Hear which other ethical brands, which are now recognisable brands in their own right, first jumped on-board

🌡 How thinking outside the box has helped funding stretch further

🌡 How Claudia finds experts that have helped her grow since Circla launched

🌡 The biggest lesson learnt along the way

This episode really is a corker, the pivot was real during lockdown 1.0 and brought opportunities that have furthered Circla’s growth