Why You Should Use a Professional Copywriter for your Business Blog

If there’s one major trend we should all be following for our small business marketing, it’s uploading content to a business blog. 2018 has been the year of content creation, and for very good reason – creating content is cost-effective, allows you to give your company personality and helps to establish and build relationships with your customer base.

It’s tempting to write your own business blog posts, especially if you’re trying to keep costs down, however hiring a professional copywriter is a much better idea. Here are five reasons why:

The Cost of Copywriting

You might think it’s cheaper to write and upload your own content, but in the long run this could be a costly error. We’ve seen many small businesses with blogs which contain masses of content, none of which hits the mark with Google or their readers and essentially ends up a waste of time and money, especially when you have to hire a professional to give it all an overhaul. Opting to use a copywriter in the first place will help you to avoid mistakes and get your blog off on the right foot.

Getting the Copy Tone Right

One thing that good copywriters will be experts in is choosing and using an appropriate tone for your site. If you’re creating content for new mums, they want something supportive and conversational. If you’re a mortgage advisor, this tone will need to be professional and informative. Every business needs a different approach, and a professional copywriter will be able to nail this on your behalf.

Making Sure your Posts are SEO-friendly

Unless you’ve been on an extensive SEO course, you probably won’t be writing your content with search engines in mind, which makes it largely useless. The whole point of having a business blog is to make sure you appear in search results. A professional copywriter will be thinking not only about keywords, but where those keywords should be placed within the content, and how many times they should appear, to maximise visibility with Google.

Getting Spelling and Grammar Right

Do you know your possessive apostrophes and your subjunctive clauses? There’s very little that can make a business blog look more unprofessional than poor spelling and grammar, and there’s absolutely no shame in admitting if yours aren’t perfect. Most people don’t write formally on a day-to-day basis and we ALL rely a little too much on autocorrect, so many of us struggle with the basics. A professional copywriter will have the skills to craft professional, well-written content which would pass even the harshest SPAG assessment!

Perfecting your Post Layout

There’s more to crafting a blog post than just slapping words on a page – the layout of posts is also important. Giving a professional copywriter access to your back-end, especially if you use WordPress, will allow them to add heading tags, add ALT text to images, add links to your shop or other content and generally optimise the posts so that they go from being just a page of text to Google’s bestie. Handing over a little control can reap great benefits.

Need some help planning your blogging or copywriting strategy? Blue Cactus Digital has a team of professional copywriters to create compelling copy for you, whether you’re a service provider or sell products, whatever your niche. Contact us to find out more.